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My influence

By Beatrice145 Feb 07, 2014 356 Words
I look to my past and comprehend that I have a lot of individuals that have and are influential in some way. Everyone has that one person that stands out more than the rest. That person who gives you advice to improve those mistakes and that person influence you in some special way. The individual that stands out to me in my life is my mother because she has always been there in the good or in the bad of any situation that comes my way. My mommy has told me that if the world turns the situation back on you that she would be the person that is going to have my back. She has taught me the good from the bad and it is up to me how I put it to work. She is the most astonishing person in the world to me. Every day I see how she takes good care of six kids that all want something at the same time, and how she takes care of the house and cleans it. I have learned that it is hard to do this on your own, and she has showed me how to be responsible. My mom has been the most influential person in my life. She has taught me that I can do anything that I put my mind on and accomplish it. She tells me all the time to stand up for myself and not to let individuals put me down. She has made me realize that you have to try hard to receive what you want. She has motivated me to push myself to my boundaries and beyond what I can do. My mom has showed me to live and appreciate what I have not everybody has what I do. Life can be difficult at times but to me it has been easier because of my mother. My mommy has not just influenced my life but is also my hero. What she has influenced me in will always be in me for the rest of my life and me my give some of her influence to other individuals too.

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