My Educational Statement: My Personal Philosophy Of Education

Topics: Art, Education, Learning Pages: 4 (766 words) Published: March 29, 2018

I believe that education is the basis of everything and helps people gain knowledge, communicate better with others, make a decent living, and be more productive members of society. Education is very important and everyone should have access to a good education. I think that education is more than just learning math, reading, and other core subjects, it is about preparing students for life and equipping them with skills to be good citizens and productive members of society. Education includes intellectual, emotional, social, and physical aspects. Kindergarten through twelfth grade as well as college education emphasizes teaching academic skills, but also gives students opportunities to learn how to handle emotions, participate in social interactions,...

I would like to include a lot of interactive lessons in the class, and incorporate activities that correspond to the different learning styles of the students in the class. I would like the atmosphere of my classroom to peaceful. I envision my classroom to have a layout that is functional with desks set up in groups or small tables, with space for a carpet in front of the board for the whole class to sit on. I like desks in small groups or tables because it allows students to work together and help each other out when they need to. I like the idea of morning meetings and giving whole class instruction, which is where the carpet by the board is useful because the class is all together and it allows the students to move a little and not have to stay in their chairs all day. Ideally my classroom would also have a reading area, where students could remove themselves from the class, even if it is just a few feet away, at appropriate...

I think art is especially important and useful in the younger grades, because the students have so many ideas and wild imaginations. Younger students might be more open to singing, or doing activities with rhythm, and dancing, because they are not usually as self conscious. That is not to say that younger students do not get nervous or are not afraid to to participate in musical activities, but hopefully when the students feel safe in the classroom environment they will just have fun and learn. Musical activities and short poems can be used as transition exercises to get the students to shift their focus to another activity or lesson. Visual arts can also be a great way to teach students valuable skills. For, example to expand on an art project, students could participate in an activity like two stars and a wish while doing an art walk which allows them to move around the room and be physically active, and give feedback to classmates about their art. Two stars and a wish allows students to encourage each other, as well as practice giving and taking constructive criticism. There are a variety of ways to integrate the arts into education through projects and activities that can help students develop life skills and grow...
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