My Personal Philosophy of Education

Topics: Science, Education, Knowledge Pages: 3 (935 words) Published: March 26, 2015
DESCRIBE YOUR OWN PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION. WHAT EDUCATION MEANS TO YOU AND HOW IT CAN BE ACHIEVED, WHAT METHOD OF LEARNING YOU BELIEVE IS THE BEST, WHAT ADVANTAGES DISTANCE LEARNING AND PERSONALIZED LEARNING HAS ETC. To describe 'education' in the simplest form is the process of teaching and or learning. This encompasses the theory and the process of achieving enlightenment or knowledge and understanding. All human beings on this planet require knowledge to survive and without it even biblically it has been mentioned that people perish. It is therefore important in my personal life to be knowledgeable enough in all areas of human endeavour. I would like to describe my personal belief about knowledge epistemologically according to George F. Kneller, 1964. “Knowledge is a universal matter and aims to discover what is involved in the process of knowing. It asks questions such as: Is there something common to all the different activities to which we apply the term “ knowing”? Is knowing a special sort of mental act? If so, what is the difference between knowledge and belief? Can we know anything beyond the objects with which our senses acquaint us? The theory of knowledge has ideas about how people think and feel despite not having a claim to an explanation scientifically. I believe just as Kneller, 1964 asserted that there are about 6 different types of knowledge as explained below: 1. REVEALED KNOWLEDGE

This is the kind of knowledge that God discloses to man. His all knowing God inspires certain individuals, his revelation in permanent form, to a certain point when it may become accessible to all mankind through various religions. It is divinely accepted to promises that those who accept it can never, according to their own rights, be mistaken. Of course there are some humanly interpretations which may distort parts of it, but in itself it is divine truth. This truth is confined to whatever religion or sect which accepts as the word of God. This knowledge is...
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