My Dream

Topics: FIFA World Cup, American football, FIFA Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: December 30, 2011
When the FIFA World Cup was held 4 years ago, I began to like the game of football. Football was very interesting to me and I started to learn to play football then. On that day, I dreamt of becoming a professional football player. Therefore, I started to go for football training and fully concentrated on practicing football to become a professional player. I was determined to make my dream come true. It is very difficult to become a professional player. Although football has been considered difficult because it requires a lot of cooperation and teamwork. Football also taught me a happiness of victory by the hard work that had paid off in the game against our opponent. However, football is not always a fun. No matter how many times I listened to the strategies my coach had told me, sometimes the concept is still boring to me. It is no use to simply memorize a certain situational sequence. It is frustrating sometimes, but I've never thought of giving up football, because it has already become a part of my life. I have conceived an idea of becoming a professional football player because I simply liked the game. At that point, I was ready to abandon everything for becoming a professional player. However, I don't have any intention of surrendering. On the contrary, I think the real show starts from now on. My football is still improving. As a tree grows, I'll grow towards the better moves. I'm moving on to the top team player in the world and I'm determined to make my new dream come true. On the day I stand on the top, my dream will again aim higher.
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