My Brother Is a Role Model

Topics: Household, Family, Sociology Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: October 19, 2012
A role model is important. For many people, it is a professional athlete, a lawyer or an author. For me, it is my brother. My brother plays the most important role in my family because he cares a lot about my education, he is responsible, and helpful.

For one, my brother is my role model because he cares a lot about my education. To begin, when I was in sixth grade in Mrs. Tijera’s math class, it left me with a bad experience. For example, I remember when we had math tests, homework assignments and quizzes, I received all F’s. Everything in math I did was always wrong. In math, the numbers gave me a hard time, so my brother motivated me to keep pushing forward. He stayed up with me, time after time, until I improved my grades to and used it as an example to better myself overall. He believes that getting a college education leads to getting a better job. When he was in college he started his first job at the entry level position in banking. He graduated and got his master’s in business so now he gets paid better and can enjoy his house, new car and family. He had taught me that I could learn from my failures. Hence, my brother is my role model cares a lot about my education and helped me succeed in my math class, the way my bother worked with me then, is how he works with me now.

Secondly, I look up to my brother because he has a career in banking and is responsible. When my brother entered his job he entered an entry level position he did not have much responsibility. His position in the company was at the lowest of them all. After completing his college education he moved into a management position. He begun to be a leader and started moving up the ladder into a management position and moved to a different bank in the same company. He had gain trust to control from his management position so he had more responsibility. He had to make sure what he controlled ran smoothly and save the company cost so therefore money. In conclusion, it began to...
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