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Topics: Writing, Microsoft Word, Word Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Fall 2012
English 101-048
Why This Worked
When reading over my interpretative essay the purpose I was trying to get across was to show that the Macintosh Ad stein interpreted was the mark of a new era. I did this by describing what I thought Stein did to get her purpose across, by her word choice and by the format in which she wrote her article. I picked out the words I thought were the most meaningful in describing what she wanted to get across. “Re-enchantment can be defined as a revolutionary term to describe new technologies. Valorization helps to describe the purpose that Stein wants to get across. In the article these two terms to me help explain how important this ad was to technology and how it helped evolve mass media today. (991142919)” These two words to me stuck out the most because they not only described what Stein was trying to get across but it also summed up how the ad was supposed to make you think and feel after having watched it.

I tried to write the article in a way that the audience could see that the way Stein worded and laid out her article was very informative and it helped you understand what exactly she was trying to get across. While re-reading how I worded it I would have made the format easier to understand. I felt that I skipped around too much and should have made it easier to understand the purpose. Even though I may have skipped around a bit I felt that the purpose I was trying to get across was always there. I was trying to show my audience that even though this article may have been a lot to read it was never confusing because of how she explained what she doing before she wrote about and how she broke it up into sections. I hoped to show that by being able to explain that by her analayzations I was able to see exactly how this ad was the beginning of a new era.

After reading my article again I should have used more quotes to explain what exactly I was trying to say so that my audience could better understand...
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