The New Work of the Non Profit Board

Topics: Non-profit organization, Management, Corporate governance Pages: 3 (924 words) Published: November 2, 2011

Nowadays it seems crucial to reframe the work of the Nonprofit Boards in order to redefines nonprofit governance. In fact it appears that today's Nonprofit Boards have multiples roles and responsibilities to face with. However it seems they have lost slowly of their efficiency during the years and “The New Work of Nonprofit Board”, article by Barbara Taylor, Richard Chait and Thomas Holland helped us to understand the reasons of this decline and in a second approach gives a lucid guide to an important renewal, and provides a road map that leads Nonprofits boards, trustees and executives to governance as leadership.

For severals reasons, Nonprofits Boards appear not as strong as a couple of years ago. They become “dusty” and in most of the case have lost their capacity to deal with important matters in a real time. I feel that the article put the accent on the necessity to change. The Nonprofits Board have to become truly active and be able to find the solutions to improve. I feel that they need to develop strategies for strengthening their role. There is a real need to reframe how we define the problem of Board performance. I personally agree and retain that the problem seems to be rooted in the Board's lack of clarity about its role. The Boards do not have a strong sense of purpose and the solution is to find what matters. Some Boards cannot see the relation of their work to the organization's mission. This makes it more difficult for them to become engaged in and enjoy their work. Compounding the problem is the reality that Boards are being pushed by CEO, States and other entities to focus on accountability. While that is one necessary role, it is only one part of "purpose."

Also, The article gave me severals points I would like to point out as a way of improvement. First, Enriching the work of the Board is a key to improve Board performance. People are more motivated when they are interested and engaged in their...
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