Mutual Influences Between Europeans And Native Americans

Topics: United States, Indigenous peoples of the Americas, Native Americans in the United States Pages: 3 (603 words) Published: July 11, 2015

The mutual influences between the Europeans and Native Americans.

The Europeans and Native Americans exchanged many goods and ideas when they meet each other in the New World. They shared with each other their own traditions, cultures, foods, languages, weapons,goods; resulting in some positive outcomes and negative as well.
When the first Europeans made contact with the native Indians they inadvertently exposed and infected them with their diseases like smallpox, yellow fever, and malaria. One native population called the Tainos started with about 1 million people and dwindled down to about 200 in the span of about 50 years. The diseases proved to be so deadly and contagious because the Indians had no immunity to them being exposed to the foreign germs for the first . Early European explorers in return were infected by the syphilis disease from the Indians, spreading it for the first time into Europe.
Corn, potatoes, beans, and squash were the main food products that the Native Americans introduced to the...

Freedom of religion is one prominent right that Americans enjoy today thanks to Roger Williams. He established complete freedom of religion in Providence Rhode Island back in 1636. The concept of borders and land ownership was brought by the Europeans and still exists. Thus the reason why the U.S. is made up of separate states, cities. And people can still own their homes, properties and lands. But the European foothold on America could not have been possible without the help by native Americans. At the Jamestown and New England landings, the native Americans helped the colonists to survive the new environment with food and skills for living off the land. Americans enjoy a lot of things today because of the influence of European culture. But it cost Native Americans a lot of lives and it damaged their culture which is still trying to improve for the better to this...
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