Municipalty Interview

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Longer transaction(Interview)


Interviewee: Mr N.Selai(Ngwathe Municipality Manager)

Yuveshen Subramoney: We are joined now by Muncipal Manager Mr Selai. Can you tell us, what stance has the municipality taken on this horrific incident?

Mr N.Selai: This is a rather unfortunate act of nature, things such as this should not happen, but it does.

Yuveshen Subramoney: Residents are in a rage, claiming that the piping system was old and not maintained. Is there any foundation to these claims?

Mr N.Selai:At this stage the cause of the pipe-burst is unclear, however, we do have consultants who will assess the situation and give us some clarity.

Yuveshen Subramoney: Mr Ngwathe, my sources say that these "consultants" were deployed six months ago, when a similar incident occurred. Could you elaborate?

Mr N.Selai:No, our management is up to standard and one should not put the blame onto our management, as nature is not controlled by our municipality.

Yuveshen subramoney: Mr Selai, you refer to this being an act of nature. Yet, the piping system was due for replacement six months ago. I have documentation here stating exactly that. Why has nothing been done about it?

Mr N.Selai:The Department of Water Affairs have indeed called in specialists, who will be addressing the safety issues and the piping’s structural integrity in township, as well as provide alternate solutions to deal with pipe future bursts.

Yuveshen Subramoney: Mr Selai, that was done six months ago. Two children are dead and one is critically injured. How many more of these incidents will it take, before these issues are addressed? This is a poverty stricken township. What role has the municipality played by means of compensation for these families?

Mr N.Selai:Members of the municipality have attended the funerals and made visits to the hospital, in addition they will be meeting the families later in the week, to be of some emotional and financial...
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