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  • National Water Supply & Drainage Board

    Group 1 University of Colombo School of Computing Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology 2013 ICT2007 - Industrial Visits Group No: 01 Date Visited: 2nd of May 2013 Place Visited: National Water Supply & Drainage Board (NWSDB) ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Office Use On / before deadline Extension given Late submission Industrial visit to the NWSDB 1|Page Group 1 Marks given Comments Students’ statement I/ We certify that I/ We

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  • Domestic Water Supply

    believed that‚ water is a non negotiable and vital resource necessary for human life‚ survival and development. According to Parfit(2008)‚ ‘’Where there is no water‚ there is no life’’. According to Wang (1987) ‘’Water ranks first among all the basic natural resources essential to life (water‚ food‚ shelter and clothing).It makes up to 90% of human body’s volume and two-third (2/3) of its weight (Ajao 1995).Hence‚ water plays a crucial role in the survival of man on earth. Water also has many

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  • Water Supply in Singapore

    a few water catchment and reservoirs. Due to the increase in population to approximately 5 million‚ there is an increased demand for water‚ especially for domestic use. The expansion in the industrial development will further increase the demand for water in the industrial sector to cool and clean the machines. Therefore‚ Singapore uses several strategies to increase water supply to meet the demands of the population. In order to meet the demands for water‚ Singapore expands its local water catchment

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  • Clean Water Supplies

    THE WATER OF AYOLE a) QUESTION: Identify 5 mental models manifested by the actors in the video. ANSWER: Since the supply of water is scarce‚ and the Amou River is filthy‚ the people believed that there’s no other choice but to suffer from infections or die a painful death. The installation of the technology in the community made the people believe that it will bring happiness and hope. But because of poor management‚ they end up furious and uncontended. The villagers believed that maintaining

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  • Water Supply Engineering

    of 89 2 of 89 3 of 89 4 of 89 5 of 89 6 of 89 7 Water Quality/Examination/Analysis/Characterization: Qualitative/Quantitative of 89 8 Why analysis of water ? Raw water quality ? Need of purification ? Response to purification ? Changes during distribution ? Depending on wanted information–fix test/group of tests of 89 9 Examination of water: Tests measuring/reflecting/related to- 1. Safety and wholesomeness e.g. contamination (MPN)

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  • Water Supply Problems in Lics

    A person cold live without food for weeks‚ but only about 3 days without water. Pollution of Water: Resource exploitation: * Many tribes Amazon region suffer contaminated water mining operations & oil exploitation led increases cancer‚ abortion‚ dermatitis‚ fungal infection‚ headaches & nausea. * Drinking‚ bathing & fishing levels toxins higher safety limits US Environmental Protection Agency. Unlined waste pits lots pollution in Oriente region Ecuador. Toxic contents pits

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  • Water Supply and Project Team

    INTRODUCTION Modern Technology is one of the main reasons why most of business transactions today are easier. Thru the use of computer system‚ we can make exact and consistent reports‚ billing‚ monitoring‚ and many more. One of the best examples is a billing and payment system for a billing and payment transaction. It will help a lot to focus on customer bills‚ monitoring on customer info‚ paying of bills and producing an adequate weekly or monthly billing and payment report. Using a computerized

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  • Water-supply solutions in china

    objective of this report provide three approaches which could be implemented to mitigate the water crisis in developing country‚ and also the report takes China as an example. The first part of this report gives a brief introduction and background of the water consumption trend and the implication in this report. Secondly‚ three options are demonstrated in the following part‚ which are the South-to-North Water Diversion Project‚ monitoring system and individual behavior respectively. Then‚ the report

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  • Water Supply and Sanitation in Transition Countries

    Certain Perspectives of Water Supply and Sanitation in Transition Countries May 2009 Dr. Hartwig Graf von Westerholt Attorney-at-Law Schiedermair Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaftsgesellschaft Frankfurt am Main‚ Germany Contents |1. |Guidelines for Integrated Water Resource Management ………………………... |1-2 | |2. |General Objectives – Regulatory Elements of Water Supply ……………………

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  • Situation of Water Supply Schemes in India

    Review of Situation of Water Supply Schemes in India “Water is the driver of nature” - Leonardo da Vinci In India‚ the access to drinking water in rural areas increased from about 65 % of the population to about 90% in 2001. Approximately one billion dollar is being spent each year by the Government of India to provide drinking water to rural areas. Looking at the pace of achievement according to quantitative figures and with the government’s ongoing emphasis on flagship programs such as Rajiv

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