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You are an investigator working for the Doha Office of the AXA Insurance company. Two weeks ago, in the relatively new Qatari Mall ‘Villaggio’, a fire claimed the lives of 19 foreign victims,13 of whom were pre-school age children. You were requested by your company to conduct an interview with the owner Mrs Suha Al Haddad. Below is the record of the interview: The questions asked to the Villaggio Mall owners

Owners’ Responses
Please tell me a little about your Villaggio Mall.
The Mall was built in 2012 and consists of over 70 stores selling quality brands. There is also an interior ‘canal’ with gondolas acting as water taxis operating through the middle of it. It is the largest mall in Qatar and is very popular. We have 12 Security officers stationed at 6 exits.

Mrs Al Haddad is a first time owner of such a prestigious mall that boasts modern architecture and features with an Italian style. She says she employed her two brothers to be the Acting Managers. They also have other businesses which may take up their time and energy. I believe there was a problem that people were not aware of the ‘Gympanzee’ Nursery. Can you explain this? I have been told that this Nursery was operating in the middle of the mall, upstairs, without a licence. There were 20 foreign children enrolled and 6 teachers working there. The only access to it was a staircase and no other exit. I knew of this business but didn’t know its location in the mall. By the time the rescue crew was made aware of the nursery the staircase had burned down and access was only possible from the roof. The families of the dead children are extremely upset and are demanding a full report on why the children and the teachers were not advised of the fire.It is a government requirement that all childcare facilities operate with a licence. Failure to adhere to this may lead to a heavy fine or suspension of the owner’s capacity to own such a business. When you employ Security personnel, do you follow...
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