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Multiple Choice Questions

51.Which language is not a true object-oriented programming language?
a.) VB.NET
b.) VB 6
c.) C++
d.) C#
e.) Java

Answer: bLevel: Easy
Section: 6-1Page: 107

52.A GUI:
a.) uses buttons, menus, and icons.
b.) should be easy for a user to manipulate.
c.) stands for Graphic Use Interaction.
d.) Both a and b.
e.) All of the above.

Answer: dLevel: Moderate
Section: 6-1Page: 106

53.Visual Studio .NET provides which feature:
a.) debugging.
b.) application deployment.
c.) syntax checking.
d.) Both a and b.
e.) All of the above.

Answer: eLevel: Easy
Section: 6-2Page: 107

54.What does IDE stand for?
a.) Integrated Development Environment
b.) Integrated Design Environment
c.) Interior Development Environment
d.) Interior Design Environment
e.) None of the above.

Answer: aLevel: Moderate
Section: 6-2 Page: 107

55.Which type of project can a developer choose in the New Project dialog box?
a.) Visual Basic Projects
b.) Visual C# Projects
c.) Visual C++ Projects
d.) Both a and b.
e.) All of the above.

Answer: eLevel: Easy
Section: 6-2Page: 108

56.Which is not a main component of the Visual Studio IDE?
a.) Solution Explorer
b.) Tool Box
c.) Start Menu
d.) Designer Window
e.) Properties Window

Answer: cLevel: Easy
Section: 6-2 Page: 110

57.Which does the solution explorer not display?
a.) Form Properties
b.) Reference Folder
c.) Form File
d.) Assemble File
e.) All are part of the solution explorer.

Answer: aLevel: Easy
Section: 6-2 Page: 111

58.Which is true about the name and text property of a control?
a.) They are the same when the control is first created.
b.) The text property changes to match any changes in the name property. c.) The name property changes to match any changes in the text property. d.) They are never the same unless the programmer makes it that way. e.) They are not allowed to be the same and an error will occur if they are.

Answer: aLevel: Hard
Section: 6-3Page: 113

59.For which task does the IDE provide multiple ways to accomplish the task?
a.) Putting a control on the form
b.) Running the program
c.) Activating the property window for a control
d.) Both a and b.
e.) All of the above.

Answer: eLevel: Moderate
Section: 6-3Page: 111

60.Which are the standard prefixes for the Button and Combo box controls respectively?
a.) btn and chb
b.) btn and cbo
c.) bto and chb
d.) bto and cbo
e.) cmd and cbo

Answer: bLevel: Moderate
Section: 6-3Page: 113

61.Which are the standard prefixes for the text box and label controls respectively?
a.) tex and lbl
b.) tex and lab
c.) txb and lbl
d.) txb and lab
e.) txt and lab

Answer: cLevel: Moderate
Section: 6-3Page: 113

62.Which task is accomplished in the Code editor?
a.) Adding forms to the project
b.) Adding controls to the form
c.) Adding event procedures to the form
d.) Both a and b.
e.) All of the above.

Answer: cLevel: Moderate
Section: 6-3 Page: 115

63.Which is not a feature of a GUI that makes learning a program easy for users?
a.) Online help
b.) WYSIWYG formatting
c.) Dialog boxes
d.) Detailed key strokes and commands
e.) Icons
Answer: dLevel: Easy
Section: 6-4Page:...
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