Multicultural Film Analysis: Mississippi Masala

Topics: Uganda, Sudan, Cultural diversity Pages: 4 (1368 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Multicultural Film Analysis: Mississippi Masala

1. Give a brief summary of the movie (in your words not critic’s review!) The movie Mississippi Masala is about an Indian man Jay and his family which consisted of his wife and his daughter Mina. Jay and his family was suddenly forced to pick up and move out of Uganda. Jay was highly upset with this sudden decision because Uganda was all he knew. The Indian family then moved to Mississippi. Jay wrote to the Government almost every day hoping that he would get his home back. While in Mississippi Mina fell in love with an African man, Demetrius who was the manager of a carpet cleaning company. Mina met Demetrious when she ran into his car after coming from the grocery store. When Mina and Demetrious relationship was exposed it became a problem for her parents and her family. They tried to stop them from seeing each other. This also became a problem for his family because this exposure caused a downfall in Demetrius’ business. Mina could not bear the pain of living and not seeing or speaking to Demetrius, while her and her family was packing up to move back to Uganda Mina stole her cousin car to sneak off and see Demetrius. Mina and Demetrius decided to run away and they both telephoned their parents about their decision. During all of this excitement Mina’s father was still trying to win his case with Uganda’s Government. He went back to his hometown alone and he found out that his back African brother/best friend, Okala whom he grew up with died. After hearing this news Jay finally accepted his lost and decided to forget about the situation, move on and make his wife happy. He told her home is where the heart is and his heart is with her.

2. Describe your general impressions of the movie.
Overall the movie turned out to be quite interesting. When the movie first started I got the impression that it was just going to take place in Uganda. I also got the impression that Ukari would move to Mississippi with...

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