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First off let me say this every time I see this movie/documentary I really inspires me to do better in my community and in my school. The movie/documentary sankofa his one very important meaning that all people of African American decent should try and incorporate in our everyday lives that is to reach back to our past and share something from our past with a young person to better their future. This is very important because how can you know where you are going if you don’t know about where your people have been. Shame on the person that does not embrace there history not only embrace it but also understand it because you must understand your past because your pas his shaped the future and if we as African American don’t start to understand and embrace our past we will allow all that our ancestor and fore fathers worked for to be taking always with the stroke of a racist senator pen. It think that it is very important that most African watch this film because somewhere along the and over the year some of the Africans I have meet are trying to be more like American if they watch this film it will empower them to embrace there every rich history and to have pride in know that our people are the true first that our people are the real salt of the earth. My favorite it part in the file was when the young lady came back from her dream and she realized that the life that she was living was not her destiny but it was an eye opener for her of how our people have allowed America to give us a false perception of our home land.
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