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Eastern Mount Lofty Ranges
Water Allocation Plan

Foreword from Sharon Starick,
Presiding Member of the South Australian
Murray-Darling Basin NRM Board
I am very pleased to share the news that the
water allocation plan for the Eastern Mount
Lofty Ranges has been adopted by the Minister
for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation,
the Honourable Ian Hunter MLC.
The development of the plan has been a long journey over
many years. Numerous members of the community and active
regional industry groups have played a very important role in helping the board deliver this blueprint for the region’s water management. I would particularly like to acknowledge the
considerable commitment of the Eastern Mount Lofty
Ranges Community Advisory Committees, which regularly
met to shape and improve the plan during its drafting.
The value of the plan is that it will guide the fair and
sustainable management of the region’s precious water
resources so that the water is shared equitably between
all users, while still making sure our environment is healthy.

The other news for the Eastern Mount Lofty Ranges is that
licensing is underway. The issuing of licences will occur in progressive stages over the coming 12 months. If you have
applied for a water licence as an existing user, do not be
concerned if you are yet to receive a proposed water allocation – the department will be sending out letters in manageable batches over the coming months to allow for discussions with each water user about their proposed allocation.

With the licensing roll-out occurring from now, the South
Australian Murray-Darling Basin NRM Board has also determined to waive a water levy for this financial year. A water levy will be introduced from 1 July 2014 and there will be more about this in coming publications from the board.

The adoption of the water allocation plan is good news for the community, industry and the environment. The board and its
regional staff look forward to continuing to work with our
communities to balance the needs of the environment while
supporting the future prosperity of our beautiful region.
Sharon Starick
Presiding Member,
South Australian Murray-Darling Basin NRM Board

2  |  Eastern Mount Lofty Ranges Water Allocation Plan

Adoption of the Eastern Mount Lofty Ranges
water allocation plan
The adoption of the water allocation plan for the Eastern
Mount Lofty Ranges is an important step in sustainable water management for the region.
The water allocation plan (the plan) outlines how water will be managed to protect the environmental, social and economic
wellbeing of this prescribed area for current and future
generations. It is guided by the Natural Resources Management Act 2004, which provides the legal framework for sustainably managing South Australia’s water resources for the benefit of all water users, the broader community and the environment.

Why is water planning necessary?
The water planning process is a way to share limited water
resources between all users and the environment, now and
into the future.
Water planning is managed through a system of water
allocation and licensing, guided by a water allocation plan. The plan aims to protect water resources for current and future users by ensuring that new allocations are within sustainable limits, and to minimise the risks of new use negatively

affecting other water users and the environment.
The Eastern Mount Lofty Ranges is an important agricultural
region and having a sustainable plan for the use of water resources helps to protect the investment made by enterprises that rely on water for future prosperity. The water licensing system
provides clarity and security around water entitlements,
supporting economic development.

A healthy environment supports important ecosystems and
the businesses and communities that rely on natural resources. The plan provides water for the environment, working in...
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