My Mt Rushmore

Topics: Barack Obama, Democratic Party, African American Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: March 6, 2013
About 60 years ago one of the most important monuments in history was completed. This famous monument was call Mount Rushmore. Mount Rushmore is located in the black hills of South Dakota. It took about 400 workers and 15 years carving four presidents. For the past 60 years the same faces are still there. If I had to choose the 4 faces into the monument they would be great figures from the 20th century. The four people I have selected have played an important role in American history and the history of the world. They have made many contributions to better people’s lives around the world. My first and foremost choice is President Barrack Obama, he had changed society in many ways. Becoming the first African American president was the biggest achievement of his life. He gave African Americans hope and a better look into the future. As an African American I feel like there a chance now that anyone. He has been elected for two terms as well as nominated for the Nobel peace prize twice. He has passed very important laws and currently working on the gun violence law. I think President Obama is doing a great job with Americas budget and getting things to normal. I think he is a great figure that should always be remembered by having him carved into Mount Rushmore. My second choice is Maya Angelou she is like a grandmother to my generation. She has made wonderful contributions to society, and not just in poetry. She has given African American women something to look up to. She is not only known as being a poet but also for her struggle and triumph of what she’s been through. She still is contributing to our society with her poetry that’s being read in schools all around the country. My third choice is Operah Winfery, she has contributed so much in today’s society. She has given money to low class, has reunited families, has helped schools college students, she’s helped out marriages and women lives all together. She is a prominent figure of the 21st century that will...
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