Harriet Tubman's Life: An Exemplification of Dr Martin Luther King Jr's life

Topics: Slavery in the United States, Harriet Tubman, Underground Railroad Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: March 30, 2010
Harriet Tubman

There are many people who lived like heroes and led a life like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but the person I’m going to write about is special, this person is Harriet Tubman. I chose this hero because she did her best to fight slavery. My second reason is because she helped a lot of slaves. My third and final reason is because she always risked her life. This is why I chose Harriet Tubman to write about.

Harriet Tubman Fought Slavery with out fear and lots of courage and determination. One way she fought slavery is that she had a big part in ending racism. A second way is that she was against violence against slaves. My final reason is that she tried very hard to make everybody equal in rights. These are three ways Harriet Tubman Fought Slavery.

Harriet Tubman was proud of her race and that’s why she helped Slaves. She helped slaves by making 19 dangerous trips to slave countries. A second way Harriet Tubman helped slaves is that in her life time she led more than 300 slaves to freedom, and perhaps that’s why she’s famous. My last example of how she helped slave is that she even became on of the Underground Railroad Conductors to be able to help slaves. These are some examples that Harriet Tubman had helped slaves.

Harriet Tubman was a person that would do anything to reach her goal and dreams and that’s why she risked her life. She risked her life many times for the sake of others. She also risked her life because there was a $40,000 dollar for her capture, which in that time was a lot of money which meant that there would be lots of people trying to hunt her down, but that didn’t stop her. My last example of how she risked her life is that she worked as a spy for the union and if she was discovered she probably would have been killed. These are some ways that Harriet Tubman risked her life.

This is why Harriet Tubman is hero that fought slavery without fear and with lots of determination. And was proud of her race and that’s why...
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