Mrs. Doubtfire

Topics: Sally Field, English-language films, Mrs. Doubtfire Pages: 2 (451 words) Published: October 18, 2005
CARD 410
Prof. Platine
By: Larry Wilson
Movie Review Assignment
"Mrs. Doubtfire"

Daniel Hillard is a struggling father who loses his job in which he does voices for cartoon characters. When he throws a birthday party for his son everything he was comfortable with becomes to take the turn for the worst. Miranda, Daniel's wife, has had it with the eccentricities and tells him she wants a divorce. During the hearings he is told that he can only see the children on Saturday's. This is not enough time for him. How far would an ordinary father go to spend more time with his children? We are about to find out. He is very proactive in his responsibility. Meaning he has the ability to choose his response. That response is once he finds out the Miranda is searching for a housekeeper, Daniel turns to his gay brother, Frank, a make-up expert, who helps disguise himself as Mrs. Doubtfire a nanny from heaven, so firm, so helpful, so reassuring, that if Daniel had been at all like this he'd still be married. Daniel was thinking begin with the end in mind. His end was to see his children more than just the supervised Saturday. This is where Mrs. Doubtfire gets hired as the housekeeper. You see Daniel is a family centered person. He gets his sense of security from the family tradition and culture or the family reputation. This has made him very vulnerable to any changes in that tradition or culture to any influences that would affect that reputation. This has influenced him to act as Mrs. Doubtfire in order to fulfill his fundamental values. I see Daniel in quadrant I and III with a borderline IV. He is always putting out fires which were evident when he first tried to cook on his first day as Mrs. Doubtfire (Ha Ha). He also is spending most of his time in QIII and IV because he is very irresponsible. He tends to get fired from his jobs and depends on his children to make him who he thinks he should be. What's great about being Mrs. Doubtfire is that he learns to...
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