Mrs Doubtfire Communcation Essay

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Woman, Communication, Gender role / Pages: 3 (727 words) / Published: Apr 7th, 2011
Nonverbal Communication in Mrs. Doubtfire

In the movie Mrs. Doubtfire Robin Williams plays Daniel Hillard, a divorced father who, after losing custody, tricks his ex wife into letting him become the nanny and housekeeper for his children. Throughout the course of this movie Daniel Hillard’s deceit grows as he struggles to keep his true identity a secret. While disguised as Mrs. Doubtfire who is a wise, elderly British woman, Daniels nonverbal communication behavior shows his underlying feelings as a man as well as his portrayal of a nanny.

The song "Dude Looks Like a Lady" plays an important role as Daniel shows a variety of nonverbal messages based on gender. This song is a representation of how men and women can actually switch roles. He shows his male side when he checks out a young lady while bike riding with the children. Also, while dressed as Mrs. Doubtfire, Daniel satirizes the traditional idea of a woman by acting like a rockstar while vacuuming and sweeping. Both of these actions contradict the message that Daniel wants to show as an actual woman. Luckily for him the children and his ex wife were unaware of this behavior. By the act of cooking, cleaning and caring for the children, Daniel emphasizes his role as a woman. This is the nonverbal communication that is seen and excepted by his family.

Daniel’ s dance while cleaning was hilarious. It has a big effect on the audience because it shows his naturally comical side. Daniel still knows how to have fun and how to make light of his situation in the face of adversity. This dance gives the audience an image of Daniel’s fun-loving laid back nature when he is truly being himself.

Upon seeing her father dressed as a woman, Daniel’s youngest daughter is very surprised and seemingly confused until he explains himself to her and persuades her to keep his secret. At a bar, Daniel is seen by another man who looks disgustedly at his attire because he is obviously cross-dressing. These two

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