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Topics: First Amendment to the United States Constitution, Military, Government Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Nina IP3 Homeland

Homeland Security
Professor: Leo Rowe
Nina Mitchell

In this assignment I am a Public Information Officer with the Department of Defense. The military is mobilizing for an impending battle, and there is discussion regarding the media accompanying the units as they conduct combat operations. This operation may take several weeks, and the reporters want to send in updates every few hours. The general in command of the troops would like a report on the pros and cons of attaching reporters to units. Which consist of the following; preparing a report that discusses the positive aspects of this action and the potential hazards. Consider the 1st Amendment rights of the press and the need for operational secrecy. Discuss compromises that might meet the needs of all parties.

First of all, the positive aspects of attaching reporters to units are that they would be able to keep everyone posted on what is going on. By a reporter being present it allows the government officials to know exactly where everyone is located and how the battle is going in case they may need to send in reinforcement in order to win the battle. By reporter being present during this action can be a potential hazard in many ways. If one of the reporters were to become imprisoned during this action then they may use the recorded film to defeat the soldiers. Reporters can also become a potential hazard by getting captured and killed that means that an innocent person would have gotten killed just from during his job. The pros and cons of a reporter being attached to a unit is simple either the reporter will be served as the government informer to the reporter can get captured and used against the government to defeat our soldiers. Next, considering the 1st Amendment rights of the press and the need for operational secrecy, the press and the military have contrasting missions and characteristics, especially in regards to wartime news coverage....
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