Mr. James Brown

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Life of James Brown
Kalyn Barker

Ms P Foote


The reason I picked Mr. James Brown, I liked his song “I Feel Good” so I was interested in learning more about Mr. James Brown.

Mr. James Brown was born on May 3, 1933. His death date was December 25, 2006 and that was on Christmas day. Mr. James Brown grew up in Augusta, Georgia and referred to as an Augusta native. Augusta renamed 9th street to James Brown Boulevard, in honor of Mr James Brown. He has many artifacts in the Augusta Museum on display representing his life, legacy, and contribution to music. There are photos, his concert clothing, records and awards are just a few items on display.

As a young kid, James Brown first tried boxing, which he was pretty good at it. Next he tried baseball and finally he found his true passion at singing. He would sing quietly at Trinity CME church in the choir. He polished people shoes and danced with his, one-of-a- kind moves, for people in front of the WRDW radio station in Augusta. This was his way of earning extra money.

Initially, as an adult, Mr. James Brown was known for Rock and Roll, then he got the name, “The God Father of Soul”. The reason they called him “The God Father of Soul” is because he started Soul music with his songs that he wrote.

There’s a cool fact about James Brown. James Brown taught himself how to sing, dance, play the saxophone, piano, trumpet, the flute, and much more. On every Christmas day, he would feed the homeless and give away free turkeys on Thanksgiving day. As a tradition, his family continues to do the same down to this day. James Brown had a big family.

Mr. James Brown also taught himself how to do a lot of cool stuff like write songs. His first song was “Please, Please, Please”, which is still popular today. He wrote over 5000 songs, which he said was more than Mozart or Beethoven who wrote about 1100 songs. Still today, he has the...

References: furnished from Augusta Museum, James Brown Google site for articles and fact findings, printed brochures of his life found at Augusta Museum. You tube videos.
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