Mr. Burger Revamping Strategies

Topics: Food, Character, Shopping mall Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Ideas to Revamp Mr. Burger:
1. Bad law and order conditions of city.
2. Location Problems
3. Lacking of new customers
4. Low advertising budget
5. Environment not appealing
6. Lack in cost cutting of the product

In my point of view, bad law and order situation in the city is an external matter for the company. There is not much a restaurant can do about it, all their management can do is that they can change their location to a relatively peaceful place in the city, like some posh areas of Defence, also some in Azizabad and Gulshan–e-Iqbal, and Cantonment areas. * Change in location is very necessary for Mr. Burger because right now the location of Mr. Burger is down the Nipa Bridge, in the heart of I.T market and optics market. This location is pretty ordinary for the people visiting their outlet. * Restaurants are actually the source of enjoyment, relaxation, and a part of making memorable experiences for people with their social circle. People usually prefer eating outside home when they go shopping, for a picnic, or just want to taste something good. So mostly restaurant has high sales whose presence is in the food streets of the city, in famous Shopping malls of the city and also; in or near the picnic places. Mr. Burger also can apply the same strategy to change its location to one of the above mentioned places. * Also they should penetrate in the market by opening new stores in almost every popular locality. This strategy will not only help them to increase their sales but also through this they can also cater new markets and also revive the name of Mr. Burger more efficiently. * Eventually they will have more revenue to spend on their advertising and they can communicate with their potential customers through advertising on billboards, magazines and news paper, offering special deals to different customer groups on different occasions, events and places.

* Mr. Burger can also introduce mobile...
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