movies and its detrimental effects to young audience

Topics: Actor, Ted Bundy, Morality Pages: 1 (376 words) Published: April 7, 2014
majority of film these days are not to be viewed by young audience. From violence, gore , to sexual content. it certainly has multiplied tremendously over the past 4 decades. Movies with unfiltered and uncensored contents will bring detrimental effects to young minds when they age.

People are desensitize by the movies they are watching. Scenes such as kissing were not screened to young viewers 40 years ago. Today it will not be classified as a "teen flick" if it does not involve any scenes of intimacy. If young viewers feed themselves with unhealthy films and accept such inappropriate contents, their moral standards will dilute and things that are not socially accepted will be their norm. Ted Bundy started with softcore pornographic material eventually raising the bar, subscribing to hardcore materials to satisfy his longings. The outcome of something as small as looking at pin up girls turned him to into a psychopathic serial rapist. Such detrimental effects can happen to young viewers film with inappropriate contents.

Young people starts following what their favourite actor do or act, which seems unpleasant and despise by the society. They may be speeding and driving reckless trying to pull off stunts they saw in the movies or taking drugs, liquor and cigarettes to impress their peers or make a stand that they are cool by doing all this. Movies can also influence young people's fashion sense and diet. Female audience may want to dress skimpily to attract males as how actors do it on screens and may also turn anorexic to have similar body shape and size with the lead actress. This can lead to an unhealthy live style as female audience will do desperate measures to look like their favourite star. They may even starve themselves. Movies can distract young people from their studies or work. They join the wrong crowd to feel accepted or associated to what the actors in the movies does. Such as playing truant and vandalism. Movies can also derail faith of young...
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