Motivation in the Classroom

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Motivation in the classroom plays an important part. There are many reasons why motivation is important and there are many different things that effect a student’s motivation. A student outside or home life may affect the student’s ability to perform in the classroom or the students social life while at school. When a teacher is trying to get his or her class motivated about learning there are many things that her or she needs to take in consideration.

Teachers should make sure that they know their students, get to know their likes and dislikes. Use this when teaching a lesson, if your students are active try and incorporate an activity that involves them being active, if there are students that like technology use the computer in your lesson, for your creative students has them create a project about the lesson. Somehow find a way to engage them all into the lesson. Don’t forget to change how you teach your lesson, “Variety awakens students’ involvement in the course and their motivation. Break the routine by incorporating a variety of teaching activities and methods in your course: role playing, debates, brainstorming, discussions, demonstrations, case studies, audiovisual presentations, guest speakers, or small group work.” (Forsyrh & McMillan, 1991).

Make sure that the students are active participants within the learning. Students learn better by being involved, they also get motivated when they are doing something instead of sitting there listening to a teacher lecture about a subject. “Students learn by doing, making, writing, designing, creating, and solving.” (Davis, 1999, page 2). Allow students to participate in making goals, help them to make an achievable goal, but let them have a say in it. By allowing the students to have a say in their goal or how they are going to reach their goal will get the student excited about it, this will then get them motivated to reach that goal. “Students are more engaged in learning when they are active and have some choice and control over their learning process, and the curriculum is individualized, authentic and related to their interests.” (N.d., 2005, pg 1).

One thing that I think that is a key to getting students motivated is their teacher. Students follow by example, if the teachers goes into a subject with the attitude that the students are going to be bored and are going to hate learning about the subject, the students sense that and are most likely not going to be motivated about learning. If a teacher goes into a subject, that may be a tough thing to teach or is boring, with a positive and excited attitude the students will be motivated to learn. If the teacher goes into the subject with exciting and fun ways to get the students attention then that teacher will have more of his or her students motivated then the teacher that shows that the subject is boring and is dreading teaching it. Students are children they mold to their surroundings. If the atmosphere in the classroom is dull and boring then the students are going to be bored, but if the atmosphere is fun and energetic then the student are going to be that. If their teacher is fun and excited about a lesson most of the students will want to know why and will be motivated to learn.

There are many, many other ways to create motivation in your classroom, it is all about being creative and knowing your students. Motivation plays such a key part in education. “High motivation is linked to reduce dropout rates and increased levels of student’s success.” (N.D. 2005, pg 1). It is also known that students that are motivated retain information and concepts longer and do not need as much review on the subjects. These students are also known to be students that continue to learn new things through out their life; they continue to strive on learning new things as well as to contribute their education in a school setting. (N.d., 2005, pg 2). In response to Aaron Cooke’s letter in chapter 17, I would respond that it...
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