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The success of any business can always be traced back to motivated employees. From profitability and productivity to innovation and hard work it always leads to employees. An important factor that drives an employee to want his or her job is motivation. Unfortunately, motivating people is not an exact science. Some employee are motivated by money others may appreciate recognition of job well done.

Research has shown that the way job are organized can lead to increase of decrease effort. The Job Characteristics model developed by J. Richard Hackman and Greg Oldham describes following five core dimensions

1.Skill variety - Different activities an employee can perform with his skills and talent. 2.Task identity – Work justified by the final output of the product. 3.Task significance - Impact of the work on others life.

4.Autonomy - Work freedom, independence in scheduling work and determining the goals. 5.Feedback - Feedback on the work activities for individual performance statistics.

Most employees complain of repetitive task in their job. Job Redesign is the solution to keep employee motivated and involved in regular activities, following option helps motivating an employee.

Job Rotation - An employee should be moved from one task to another, which has similar skill requirement. •Job Enrichment - Give responsibility, allow employee to evaluate, plan, execute a task also provide feedback so that they can control their performance individually. •Flextime - Flexible work timing, some employee prefer to start early and some prefer to start late. •Job Sharing - Allow two or more individual to share the same job, either they can work half a day each or work full-time alternate days. •Telecommuting - Work from home option, any job that allows an employee to complete the task by working from home.

Employee Involvement is another way to motivate employees; this increases their commitment toward organization’s success, following examples...
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