Ideal prformance state

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As an author of an article states at the very beginning, research that employs a complex task and a difficult goal might lead to improved task performance due to effects of both cognitive and motivational processes. The road to the improvement of task performance lies through the satisfaction with the work itself, which can be obtained through fostering five characteristics of intrinsically satisfying jobs (VISAF).

Most of us want interesting, challenging jobs where we feel that we can make a real difference to other people's lives. As it is for us, so it is for the people who work with or for us. So why are so many jobs so boring and monotonous? And what can you do to make the jobs you offer more satisfying? The practice of enhancing individual jobs to make the responsibilities more rewarding and inspiring for the people who do them, known as job enrichment could provide possible answer to these questions.

With job enrichment, you expand the task set that someone performs. You provide more stimulating and interesting work that adds variety and challenge to an employee's daily routine. This increases the depth of the job and allows people to have more control over their work. It’s obvious that it perfectly correlates with VISAF model.

We would like to point out one specific characteristic – autonomy, which means increasing the degree of decision making and the freedom to choose how and when work is done. A huge number of complex tasks primarily involve judgment, decision making and creativity, in a nutshell, divergent thinking. If in most cases enhanced autonomy creates high levels of job satisfaction, it can be inferred that complex tasks can lead improved task performance by employees who are most satisfied with their jobs.

We would like to draw your attention to some of the techniques and strategies for job enrichment:

Job rotation - Give people the opportunity to use a variety of skills, and perform different kinds of...
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