Motion Sickness Report

Topics: Ear, Auditory system, Vestibular system, Sense, Sensory system, Sound / Pages: 5 (1101 words) / Published: Jul 9th, 2016
There are several definitions of what the term motion sickness really means. According to the article Effects of Motion Sickness Severity on the Vestibular-Evoked Myogenic Potentials by Cynthia Fowler, Amanda Sweet, and Emily Steffel (2014), explained that motion sickness is defined by unconscious and physical indicators of displeasure. Motion sickness can be caused by various forms of movement. Some movements could be made through transportation such as cars, air planes, subways, trains, and boats. In addition to transportation, movements could be made by roller coasters, slides, and swings. Motion sickness takes place when the eyes can see motion, but the body does not perceive the motion (Fowler, et al., 2014). With that being said, motion sickness may occur when both the eyes and body are not working …show more content…
Cervical vestibular-evokes myogenic potentials develop from the saccule (Fowler, et al., 2014). The saccule cells are located in the inner ear. The inner ear distinguishes upward and downward movements within the body. The sensory nerves transmit information into the brain that allows the body to stay balanced and keeps spatial ability intact. The cVEMPs were tested and measured using hearing devices for each ear of the participant (Fowler, et al., 2014). Participants’ feedback from the test is determined from both sides of the neck muscles called the sternocleidomastoid (Fowler, et al., 2014). One electrode is placed on each side of the neck allowing the experimenters to measure the sound vibrations and time it take for the vibrations to reach the inner ear. Fowler, et al. (2014), hypothesized that if motion sickness results from vertical stimulation, then the participants with motion sickness sensitivity may be expected to have different CVEMP responses. The authors then compared the cVEMP data to the self- report

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