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Topics: Standard deviation, Arithmetic mean, Time Pages: 4 (1310 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Adwoa Fosuah
Bio Psych Lab Report 4
Cold Pressor Task
The cold pressor test is done by having the subject submerge their hands in a bucket of cold water to determine cardiovascular changes such as blood pressure and heart rate. For this experiment we wanted to know how long participant can keep their feet in the bucket of ice water before they experience any pain while looking at neutral and positive pictures and also rate the intensity of their pain. For this reason we hypothesized that, if participant submerged their feet in a bucket of water while looking at the positive stimulus, it would take them a long time to experience pain and will keep their feet in the bucket of ice for a long time than when participant are looking the neutral stimuli while they have their feet in the bucket of ice, we also hypothesized that heart rate will increase the longer participant keep their feet in the ice water. The null hypotheses was that, if participant submerge their feet in a bucket of water while looking at positive stimulus, it would take them the same amount of time to experience pain as when they are looking at the neutral stimulus and that heart rate will stay the same throughout the experiment Method

Participants, Design and Variable
Participants in this study were 7 from biological psychology lab section 2. Participants were between the ages of 19-23years old and there was not requirement to participate in this study except to be enrolled on biological psychology lab. All participants (within subject) served in all level of the independent variable which was neutral and positive stimuli/pictures. While participant look at either the positive or the neutral stimuli with their right feet submerged in the bucket of ice water, we measured time to pain, time it took for participant to take their feet out of the water. Also while doing this, we measured basal heart rate and measured heart rate every 30seconds while participant had their feet in the bucket...
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