Mortar Exam 0341

Topics: Artillery, Indirect fire, United States Marine Corps Pages: 3 (986 words) Published: May 12, 2001
0341 NCO Exam

1What are the Marine Corps' leadership traits?Judgment, Justice, Decisiveness, Integrity, Discipline, Tact, Initiative, Enthusiasm, Bearing, Unselfishness, Courage, Knowledge, Loyalty, Endurance 2What is the purpose of an NCO?To train and supervise subordinate Marines 3What is the maximum effective range of the M249 SAW?1,000 m 4What is the sustained rate of fire of the M249?85 rounds per minute 5What determines a hot barrel for the M249?200 rounds in 2 minutes 6What is the maximum effective range of the M203 grenade launcher?Area Target: 350 m; Point Target: 150 m 7What are the characteristics of the M252 81mm mortar?smooth-bore, muzzle-loaded, high-angle-of-fire weapon, consisting of a cannon, mount, baseplate, and sight unit. 8What is the nomenclature of the M252 81mm mortar components?M253 mortar cannon, M177 mortar mount, M3A1 baseplate, M64A1 sight unit 9What are the weights of each of these components?cannon--35 lbs, bipod--27 lbs, baseplate--29 lbs, sight--2.5 lbs 10How many mils of elevation does the sight have?about 800 mils or 0800-1600 mils 11How many mils of traverse does the sight have?6400 mils

12One turn on the traverse handwheel equals how many mils?10 mils 13What does boresighting do to the weapon system?removes the error between the barrel and sight to produce more accurate fire 14What does reciprocally laying the mortars in a section do?it puts every mortar on the same azimuth of fire 15What are the two methods to reciprocally lay a mortar?sight-to-sight & aiming circle 16What does maximum ordinant refer to? Maximum height a mortar round reaches during its flight path 17What does FDC stand for?Fire Direction Center

18What does FSCC stand for?Fire Support Coordination Center 19Who is the FSC?Weapons Company Commander
20What is an MBC?Mortar Ballistic Computer--used for creating firing data 21Which Marine Corps order directs mortar platoon training?MCO 1510.35D 22What does RSOP...
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