Moral Assignment

Topics: Value, Morality, Marriage Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Introduce of characters
Moral Values

Due to the need to accomplish the moral project, we were given a task to select a movie with moral values as lesson to our daily life. We have chosen the movie with the title ‘Fireproof’. It’s about marriage that leads to some movement and changes in life. For everyone knowledge, we will step into the marriage stage one day. So we used this movie to urge everyone the way and attitude to manage a marriage. There are values that are worth to learn and we treasure a few values that may help us in our life. For example, responsibilities to ourselves, family, our studies as well as our future life partner and jobs. We learnt how to love those unloved, how to care those uncomforted, and care those needy. In addition, all the character in this movie have shown a good example and this movie are very close to our daily life. It is so real and the scene in the movie are comparable to the scene surround us.

Love & Care
This is the most important moral value that we should practice in our life. Love is patient, love is kind, love does not boast and love is not envy. If we never know how to love, and we will never know how to care. Perfect love drive out fear and love are protective those weak. How to love? We should learn to love the people around us-our family. We care about our family when we love them. So love and care are related. Love to care, care to love. In ‘Fireproof’, the main character, Caleb had shown he have no love at all in the beginning of the story. He treated his wife badly and he was impolite in his talking as well as yelling at his wife. On the other hand, his wife, Caroline showed her love to her parent because she loves them and she tried her best to get the medical equipment for his father. In the end, Caleb changed in the way him treating his wife after he learns god’s word. The attitude is the different maker. He loves his wife by...
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