Monte Cristo Packet 4

Topics: Count, Graf, The Count of Monte Cristo Pages: 3 (397 words) Published: May 23, 2014
The Count of Monte Cristo Packet #4, Pages 217 – 256
Chapter XXX—The Guests
1. What day is it, and where is the chapter’s setting?

2. Albert gets two letters. One of them is from ______________________, and he answers her:

3. Who are Albert’s guests that day?

4. Why is Max Morrel there? Who brought him? What is he now called?

5. What did Morrel do to save the other man?

6. Where do Albert and the others decide that the title Count of Monte Cristo originated?

7. Why does Morrel keep calling himself an African? (He’s not from Africa)

8. What object does Monte Cristo pass around the breakfast table? Why did he pass it around (and why do they actually want to look at it)?

9. What “truth” comes out about Peppino?

10. Why did Luigi Vampa owe Monte Cristo a favor?

11. To whom is Albert engaged? How did her father become a baron?

12. What is the response of the others when Monte Cristo tells them he has a slave?

Chapter XXXI- The Presentation
1. Describe the portrait Albert shows Monte Cristo. What does the Countess do every time she sees it?

2. To whom is Monte Cristo first introduced? How does that go?

POINT OF ORDER: The Countess was at her toilet does NOT mean that she was going potty. It’s how they say she was getting ready—putting on makeup, doing her hair, et cetera. 3. What do we learn about Morcerf’s military service (summarize)?

4. What is Albert’s mother’s response to Monte Cristo’s introduction?

5. What does Franz think about the Count (p. 241)?

Chapter XXXII - Unlimited Credit
1. Who comes to visit Monte Cristo?

2. Who is Bertuccio again? What is the conversation about horses?

3. What letter does Monte Cristo bring Danglars? What does it mean?

4. How much money does Monte Cristo flash at Danglars?

5. How much money does Monte Cristo want Danglars to loan him? How much will he get at first?

Chapter XXXIII – The Pair of Dappled Greys...
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