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Topics: Louis XIV of France, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Jean-Jacques Rousseau Pages: 5 (1302 words) Published: December 15, 2012
HUM 112 Quiz two
1. Why does the vase in "Ode on a Grecian Urn" fascinate John Keats? The eternal beauty of its art
2. Why did Frederick Douglass eventually break away from the Anti-Slavery Society? Concern that their doctrine would dissolve the Union
3. Why did the philosophes alienate themselves from the Church? Intolerant of hierarchy and ritual
4. Why does Fragonard paint the young lady in The Swing as losing a shoe? To symbolize virginity loss
5. Why do many of Fra
To validate her role as Louis XV's most trusted advisor
6. Why in the mid-eighteenth century did art criticism begin? To enable tourists to appreciate and understand art
7. Why is the music that arose in reaction to the Rococo called "classical"? Its symmetry, proportion, unity, and clarity
8. Why were the philosophes attracted to China?
Its high level of advancement
9. Why did English landscape architect Lancelot "Capability" Brown issue yellow-tinted glasses to Stowe gardens' visitors? So the landscape would seem to glow
10. Why did Neoclassicism become the preferred style in late eighteenth-century United States? The new United States copied the style of its ally, France
Adams and Jefferson were admirers of classical architecture 11. Why did the British feel entitled to tax the colonists following the Seven Years' War? They had saved the colonists from the French

12. Why do Jacques-Louis David's paintings have a frozen quality to them? To emphasize rationality
13. Why in Constable's paintings are human figures usually so small? To emphasize nature's immensity and indifference
14. Why did Henry David Thoreau begin his experiment of living at Walden Pond? To live simply
15. Why did the Romantics revere Prometheus?
For being a suffering but noble champion of human freedom
16. Why in Lyrical Ballads did Wordsworth chose to focus on people from "humble and rustic life"? They were closer to nature
17. Why did Beethoven eventually view his deafness and its isolation as positive? It was necessary for creativity
18. Why did Louis XIII purchase and then store away Eugène Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People? It would insight the commoners to rebel
19. Why could Charles Dickens describe the suffering of London's poor so vividly and accurately? He had grown up in those conditions
20. Why did Rousseau praise the Chinese tax system?
For not taxing food
21. Why did Napoleon launch a massive rebuilding program in Paris? To impress his empire with his new palace
22. Why did Napoleon reject Canova's statue of him as Mars? He thought displaying himself as a nude was inappropriate
23. Why was Olympe de Gouges executed in 1793?
For arguing that popular vote should select government
24. Why did Houdon position a plowshare beaten by a sword behind George Washington in his 1788 sculpture? To signify his role as a warrior who brought peace to his people 25. Why did Francisco Goya paint The Third of May, 1808, with such graphic reality? To show the horrors of war

26. Why did the factories tend to employ unskilled single young women and widows? They worked for lower wages than men
27. Why did Neoclassically-trained Théodore Géricault paint the disturbingly realistic The Raft of the Medusa? To protest aristocratic privilege
28. Why did Maxine Du Camp almost always include a human figure in his photographs? To provide a focal point
29. Why did the Hapsburg Emperor Joseph II react negatively to Mozart's Don Giovanni? It had too many notes
30. Why did Voltaire declare that "Sparta became Athens" when Frederick the Great assumed power in Prussia? Frederick turned from military to cultural pursuits
31. Why did John Adams defend the British soldiers who in 1770 had killed five protesters at the Boston Customs House? They had fired in self-defense
32. Why does Huckleberry Finn decide not to turn the runaway slave Jim in for...
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