Monsanto s marketing strategy

Topics: Foreign exchange market, Risk, Forward contract Pages: 2 (385 words) Published: February 9, 2015
Group Member: Từ Vũ Quỳnh Hương
Đàm Thị Bích Phương
Trần Thị Mai Liên
Nguyễn Lệ Hằng
Phan Ngọc Anh

Financial Risk Management Assignment Outline

- How the group has come up with the topic and general view of the assignment - Set expectation on what our group can expect to gain after doing the assignment - Acknowledgement of resources and data source used in the assignment

I. Introduction

II. Content
1. Main concepts:
- Market risks and types of market risks
- How companies using derivatives tools to hedging risks: futures contract, forwards contract, option, swap, etc.

2. Analysis
2.1. Why choosing Monsanto?

2.2. What is Monsanto?
- An American company produces agricultural products, herbicides and biotech-related products - Characteristics?
Manage their business in two segments: + Seeds and Genomics
+ Agricultural productivity Have worldwide distribution and sales both domestically and with companies outside America.

2.3. Which types of risks Monsanto is subjected to? Their impacts on Monsanto’s business performance? a- Changes in commodity prices
Having substantial impact on its performance because of the high level of dependency on external raw-material suppliers (Monsanto produces or contract with third-party growers for corn seeds, soybean seeds, other seeds. The availability of seeds and cost of seeds production depend on seeds yield, weather and commodity price).

b- Changes in interest rate: Due to debt portfolio

c- Foreign Currency Fluctuation: Its big foreign market

2.4. How Monsanto using derivatives tools to hedging risks in reality? - Assess its performance and efficiency on these activities (based on statistics on the gains and losses...
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