Monitoring Employees on Networks Checkpoint

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Monitoring Employees on Networks Checkpoint

How does email benefit an organization? Why might an organization limit how an employee uses email during work hours? What is an emails path once it leaves an organization?
Using email within an organization allows for communication on a larger scale reaching multiple employees at ones with important organizational information. Or getting information to one person in an organization and getting the ball rolling on a project or a response in a timely manner. An organization my choose to limit how an employee uses email during work hours because of the amount of work hours lost on personal email as well the risk of legal action being taken against an organization because of personal emails. Once an email leaves an organization its path can be traced back to the organization regardless of its contents being personal or not it is still backed by that organizations name.

What is the effect of instant messaging on organizational networks? What are benefits and drawbacks of using instant messaging in an organization?
Instant messaging on an organizational network saves money and time; it increases productivity because of the interactive communication in real time without the use of phone lines. The drawbacks to instant messaging are a decrease in productivity because employees are chatting on personal issues, network traffic which can slow things down and take away from other organizational duties, and security issues that can arise because of the different instant messaging service and what they can allow to enter the network.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of web page and search engine use in an organization?
The benefit of web page and search engine use for an organization are convince and money. Having the ability to find what you need when you need it saves time and money. The drawbacks are employees using the internet for non work related things and security threats such as...

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