Modern Education

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Strategic Management and Decision Making

Table of Contents
Company Background3
Company Structure3
Company Milestone4
Mission and Vision 5
Company Policies6
Company Strategies in Local and International Market6
Advantage & Limitation while Expanding into the International Market10 Company Disadvantages11
Overcoming the Obstacles12

Company Background

Modern Education Group Limited (“MEG”) is one of the leading brands providing chained educational services in Hong Kong’s private education sector provides and the only company listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in tuition industry since 2011. Express Education was the first operating company established offering private tuition services. MEG provides not only its initiative business in primary and secondary tutoring services, and secondary day school education, but also English language training, test preparation courses, overseas studies consultation services and other programmes in cooperation with overseas universities for the past 17 years.1

Company Structure

MEG consists of Modern Group, Modern College, Modern Bachelor Education, New Era Bachelor Education Centre, Modern English and Modern Oversees Studies brands under its umbrella. Modern Education, the secondary tutoring services, being the major income driver of the organization, provides supplementary education services in its very many “ME Centre”. Company Milestone

1997 - Modern Education, founded by Mr. Ng Kam Lun (known as Ken Sir in his career in the tutoring industry since 1989) was established. 2003 - They established a private secondary day school, Modern College, now one of the largest private secondary schools in Hong Kong. 2008 - They founded the English language training centre, a learning centre dedicated to their English language test preparation courses and vocational English training courses. It became one of the provide education providers in Hong Kong to provide Office of the Continuing Education Fund (OCEF) approved International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) examination preparation courses. 2010 - They started PRC operations by operating technical consultation, management and software licensing services to Beijing Yai School (北京雅思學校). They acquired 60% of Bachelor Education (BEC) to further expand their current scope of business to primary tutoring services, providing one-stop education services. 2011 – MEG was listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on 4 July 2011. They started providing education consultation and management services at Shaoguan No. 1 High School (韶關市第一中學). International high school programs are being run at the school to prepare local Chinese students for overseas higher education. 2012 – They started providing educational consultation and management services at Guangdong Jiangmen No. 1 High School (廣東江門市第一中學) and Guangming High School (東莞市光明中學). International high school programs are being run at these schools to prepare local Chinese students for overseas higher education. They also reached strategic partnerships with Shenzhen Yiwen Book IMP & EXP Co. (深圳市益文圖書進出口公司) and M Dream Inworld Limited (聯夢活力世界有限公司) to develop e-book and online learning businesses. 2013 – They have acquired 50% interest in Full Profit Hong Kong Development Limited to expand their business vertically into marketing and promotional services for kindergartens in Hong Kong Mission and Vision

MEG has attracted a group of tutors with excellent academic background, striving to build a superior brand for Modern Education and offering a quality education for the local Hong Kong and international market as well as still living up to the recognition of Caring for the Company, Caring for the Employee and Caring for the Environment. Using their innovative teaching methods, customized and up-to-date course...
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