Modern Codes of Chivalry

Topics: Virtue, Knights Templar, Liberalism Pages: 2 (831 words) Published: October 13, 2009
In years of King Arthur and the round table, the knights lived by a code. This code was called the Code of Chivalry. Knights abided by these rules and were punished both physically but socially if they broke one. Today, this code can be translated into modern day unspoken rules. “This above thine own self be true.” In medieval times, Knights had to fight for themselves and always put themselves and what they think is right, first. Today there is a similar idea of how people need to be themselves and not pretend to be others. A lot of people in this Century are fake and it is hard to find “down to earth” people like there commonly used to be in medieval times. “A Knights word must have the validity of a signed and witness oath. Thus, give thy word sparingly, but adhere to it like iron.” In medieval times, if you gave someone your word it meant what you said was unbreakable. Knights never went back on their word as it was looked down upon to do so. In modern society they teach to always be honest, never get caught in a lie. It is taught that people should give their opinion cautiously and to not change their story or others won’t trust them. “Refrain from speaking ill of others, for not all truths of the matter may be known.” In medieval times, peoples’ lives were very private so they were taught not to talk about people without knowing all the facts. Today there is the same understanding for people to not judge others because they may not know what these peoples’ lives are like or their situation. Though people tend to forget to not jump ahead and judge people, it is still a virtue that people try to uphold.

“Pass not unverified words about another, for hearsay is, in a large part, a thing of falsehoods.” Similar to the last code of chivalry, it was stressed that people should not talk bad about others. In this century people try not to be caught gossiping because then it makes others around think that that person might be gossiping behind their backs...
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