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Knights Templar

fame or many other incentives. To the medieval knights, victory renown and glory are the ambitions they strive for. Breaking a law in this code would be considered a disgrace, and would bring a dishonor worse than death itself. However, by applying the Code of Chivalry, the knights in medieval time displayed certain character traits that would secure success and honor in both battle and morality. In the book Ivanhoe, by Sir Walter Scott, a knight named Wilfred of Ivanhoe illustrates this by devoting...

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Knights Templar and Monster Descriptive Essay

a home, doesn't sleep Personality: Harcore, “Bad to the bone”, will stop at nothing to complete a task & will do nothing but work to complete. Many years ago, the Knights Templar slaughtered all who opposed the will of their God and stopped at nothing to win the Holy Lands. Many believe that the Knights Templar were the army of God, when in fact, they were the exact opposite. The souls of these men were as dark and evil as Satan and because of this, they were damned. Of the many blackened...

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Prothalamion: Knights Templar and Sweet Thames

source; Though from another place I take my name, An house of ancient fame. There when they came, whereas those bricky towers, The which on Thames' broad aged back do ride, Where now the studious lawyers have their bowers There whilom wont the Templar Knights to bide, Till they decayed through pride: Next whereunto there stands a stately place, Where oft I gained gifts and goodly grace Of that great lord, which therein wont to dwell, Whose want too well now feels my friendless case. But ah, here...

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Freemasons and Templar Knights: Comparing Two Organizations

The Freemasons and the Templar Knights Bryon Hale Com 155 11/11/2012 Keisa Williams The Freemasons and the Templar Knights The Templar Knights, and the Freemasons are two well-known organizations. No matter whom you ask everyone knows something about both of these organizations. The more information that surfaces about these two organizations the more similarities between the two organizations begin to surface, and to some these similarities show that these two organizations are the same...

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The Knights Templar

Wrapped in mystery and intrigue, the Knights Templar stand out from the pages of history as the keepers of Catholicism’s greatest, most dangerous secrets. In legend, the Knights are known as the guardians of the Holy Grail, the Arc of the Covenant, and other Holy relics. Historically, they are remembered as the “Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon,” the disciplined guardians to Christian pilgrims in the Holy Land. Although the order is one of the most intriguing secret...

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The Knights Templar: Persecution

 Why were the Knights Templar persecuted? They were a major force in the Crusades and protected Christian pilgrims from being slaughtered during their long travels. They also had one of the largest banking systems in Europe during the height of their Order. Several countries considered them to be useful to them and they were on good terms with many royal families. So if they were such a reputable Order of Knights, why were they almost completely wiped out? After the First Crusade in 1100 A...

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Knights Templar Informational Speech

Knights Templar Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about The Knights Templar Central Idea: The Templar Knights have a vast history that is not only steeped in legend, but contains ideas that still impact us today. The Templar Knights have a vast history that started as a small order of monks charged with protecting catholic pilgrims and grew to become one of the most powerful groups of its time that would give us an institution that many of us use on a daily basis, and...

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The Knights Templar

History 1st Hour December 9, 2013 The Knights Templar A French knight named Hughes de Payens founded the knightstemplar around 1118. He found the knights templar with the help of seven other knights. They were originally formed to devote themselves to the pilgrims’ protection and to form a religious community for the pilgrims. The knightstemplar were divided into two classes: knights and sergeants. Baldwin II, king of Jerusalem gave the knights quarters in a wing of the royal palace in...

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Kingdom of Heaven: History vs. Hollywood

to grant his father's wish to follow other Crusaders to free Jerusalem from Salah al Din's hold. Parts of the movie have been altered, but there are events that remain historically accurate. Things such as siege weapons, King Baldwin IV, and Knights Templar escaped the Hollywood modification. The use of weapons by the Muslims to capture or destroy castles is very evident in the movie. The Muslims used weapons like trebuchets, battering rams, and long ladders. They used the trebuchets to fling large...

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The Song of Roland

in its depiction of the evolution of ethics and Christianity, and is prized for its literary merit and beauty. Written in a dialect, it blends legend and romance with historical explanation in telling the tale of Charlemagne's nephew, the beloved knight Roland and his death in the Pyrenees when the King and his men are returning home from a seven-years-long Spanish campaign. Historians believe the story was told for inspiration, to help recruit troops to battle. The Song of Roland has been compared...

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