Models of Abuse

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Models of abuse
There are 4 models of abuse:
Medical model
Medical model indicates that Child abuse is caused by a disease, often a mental illness, with signs & symptoms that can be prevented and cured. This came from the phrase coined by kempe and kempe the battered child syndrome. They concluded that many mothers the main career who gives this bond is made who had abuse their children had themselves sufferer from poor attachment experiences in child hood they have not learnt from these expierneces and use what they experienced on their children. The parents should be given help and treatment to make them better. They need to make sure they take all aspects into consideration. Sociological model

It is when a child is abused due to the abusers social environment for example family structure such as job loss putting strain on family causing them to lash out at the child or large family is small housing causing stress, this theory looks at changing patterns within society and believes that unemployment, poverty, poor housing and health deprivation are reasons for people abusing their children. Children need to live in healthy environments if they are to grow up healthy and well adjusted. Research has shown that there are links between rated of reported child abuse and characteristics of social deprivation such as low income. Research also shows that many people who abuse children have very often been victims of abuse during their own childhood. Theses adults may go on to being the same way as this was an integral part of their socialisation. This is referred to as the cycle of abuse it is necessary however the practitioners do not make judgement about family based on something the parent has told them about their background. Parents who had poor parenting experiences may need extra help and support to enjoy being parents themselves and to get the very best from their relationships with their children. Feminist model

This model addresses the imbalance of...
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