Mobile Technology in Education - Literature Review

Topics: Education, Educational psychology, Wireless network Pages: 3 (654 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Mobile Technology in Education

With its vast development in the past decade, mobile technology is playing an inevitable role in this 21st century. Whether it is in the areas of technology development, business and economy, mass media etc., what mobile technology can bring to people is certainly holding an escalating significance. Education, which is a crucial element of a society, is also finding mobile technology a benefiting tool for better development. Educators and researchers have been investigating the advantages of incorporating mobile technology into education. This review is showing three main benefits of using mobile technology in education.


Over the previous decades, wired technology had been used in education, higher education especially, for learners to access learning materials and resources. However, in this vast developing world, efficiency in teaching and learning is coming up the priority list. With wired technology, there is a lack of mobility in terms of resources access. Learners cannot access information and resources anytime, anywhere through wired technology. “The use of mobile wireless technologies can overcome the limitation of educational flexibility with wired technology.” (Kim, Mims, & Holmes, 2006, p.78) Through mobile technology, learners can be able to gain access to information and resources, with any limitations of time and location. Most universities and tertiary educational institutes provide wi-fi networks for students. With either mobile wireless computers, personal digital assistants (PDAs) or mobile wireless phones, students can then access educational information and resources they need, and they can retrieve the information anytime, and anywhere through their mobile wireless devices. The mobility in accessing information is certainly one of the crucial advantages of using mobile technology in education.

Collaborative Learning

According to the Collaborative Learning theory (Vygotsky 1978), learners...
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