Student Should Be Cell Phones in Class

Topics: Mobile phone, Internet, Text messaging Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: April 7, 2013
In recent times,the number of people owning mobile phone has increased dramatically.Now,mobile phones are not just calling,but you can now text,take and send pictures,acess the Internet,play games and much more.The variety of functions increased a mobile.They have also become a lot cheaper.Thus more and more young people use mobile phones.So,should be student allowed use to cell phones in class? Nowadays,increasing numbers of parents are purchasing cell phones for their children.So,I think student should be allowed to bring their own devices and enjoy that freedom.It’s important to bring the own phone to use for emergency contact with their parents,or if something happens at the school.Students should allowed to contact or text each other.Phones can be silenced during class and be active only in approtiate places. Another common reason for using to cell phones in class is that Cell phones can be used to acess internet.Students need internet to make research.So it is logical if students should be allowed use to cell phones in class.All smart phone can acess internet,which can help a student to make extensive personal reading.School can provide free wifi internet at school so that their student can easily acess internet while at school.The most important educational websites can be accessed via mobile phones.Besides accessing internet,taking pictures and recording of video,cell phones can be used in educational communication while in school or classroom.The easiest way students and teachers can communicate using cell phones can be text messaging.Teachers can simply use mass texting services to communicate with students and parents.Then students can use twitter to stay in contact with their classmate and exchange academic information.Shy students will find it easier to communicate through cell phones rather than face to face communication. In conclusion,cell phones are not only convenient,students are one more way to for you to stay connected with their...
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