How Have Cell Phones Changed Society

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Brandon Jackson
Informative Report
English 101
16 October 2012
How Have Cell Phones Changed Society
What would you do without your cellphone? Most people wouldn’t know what to do. Cell phones are a part of almost everybody’s life, but it never used to always be like that. If people wanted to get in touch with you back then, they left messages with your office or on your machine (SHC). Cell phones have changed the society we live in today. When investigating how cell phones have changed society, one must consider how it changes people, businesses, and the government.

First I would like to talk about the history of cell phones. Now a days you see people on cell phones all the time. To see just how much things have changed in the last little while, all one has to do is pick up something as simple as a detective novel written no more than 10 or 15 years ago (SHC). Getting a hold of someone wasn’t so easy. You had to call them on their house phone and leave a message if they didn’t answer. There was also the pager, which was an electronic device that receives messages and signals the user by beeping or vibrating. If someone didn’t have a pager like in the 1980’s getting a hold of him or her while they were doing something was a difficult task if you didn’t know where they were. The idea that you could call someone's office phone and be relayed automatically to their cell phone while they're stuck in traffic on the 401 would seem like pure science fiction even to people living in the 1960s -- people who thought Star Trek's "personal communicators" were a futuristic innovation (SHC). Cell phones were a dream to many people and technological scientist. Having a device where you can talk to someone miles away in seconds wasn’t possible. Twenty-five years ago, the phone cord was cut and a revolution began (Cellphones). But the first cellular phone wasn’t made that long ago. After decades of planning and testing, the cellular phone finally emerged as a consumer...

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