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1)sense of security
2)always be the teen's fashion
3)can use to play when we feel bore
4)makes closer when we r away(easy to get touch with our family) 5)we have fun there(by taking snaps,videos when there is a function) 6)calendar

8)can do calculation

9)it isPortable
2)Some of them are too thin and easily broken.
3)may cause distraction inlearning or when we are at work
4)spend less time with our family(by talking through it always) 5)may get damaged easily by water
6)signals(tower) may not be avail clearly at times

what are the merits and demerits of using cellphone?
pls let me know?
what are the merits and demerits of using cellphone?
pls let me know?
1.cell phone is necessary to every human beings living in the world bcoz easily contact which ur loved person living in any corner of the world with in one sec &share ur feeelings,happiness,sorrows &unforgotable momories etc. is very useful for students bcoz cellphone have that GPRS connection for easily clarify their doduts using internet,to find out the place in critical situation using maps. 3.cellphone also plat a important role in emergency situtation to call a ambulance (108)toll free number. 4.if u are going to a new place at the time u miss ur travel bag or something.U are going to complain the police at the time police ask u the questin plz tell ur phone no, if i got .i'll inform u. 5.cellphone is aTIME &ENERGY SAVING electronic things......... 6.all of u seen lot of films it is useful to find out the thiefs by tracing their mob nos.

i don't really know the meaning of merit and demerit. but in my physical education and filipino class, my teacher calls the plus points merit and the minus points demerit. i thought maybe just the same as advantage and disadvantage which is merit and demerit respectively.

i'm just not sure though if this is what you mean
-for communicating to people wherever you are
-for faster communicating rather than snailmails
-more convinient to carry than a telephone
-could be used for tking pictures and videos
-handy for emergencies

-affects study habits since taxting occupies more time than studying -affects the budget since texting too much can be pricey too -getting post offices ignored

Merits - Mobile, Keep in touch all, safety (both personal and if you run out of gas or the car breaks down), GPS tracking in case you get lost or someone needs to find you.

Demerits - Cost, could possibly cause cancer (There is no definite either way on this yet), People can get in touch with you where-ever and whenever.

Im sure there may be a couple more but those are the ones I see as being up at the top.

Conflicting reports about the health risks of mobile phones appeared in the late 1990s

Given the immense numbers of mobile users, even small adverse effects on health could have major public health implications

In 2000, the Stewart Report found no known health problems caused by mobile phones, but advised caution especially among the young, until more research was carried out. A further report in 2004 backed this up

£7.4 million has now been invested in scientific research to investigate the effects of mobile phones

Are mobile phones dangerous?

Radio waves given off by mobiles can heat up body tissue, having damaging effects Radio waves are not powerful enough to cause heat damage to the body

Magnetic fields created by mobile phones can affect the way that your body cells work The magnetic fields are incredibly small, and so unlikely to affect cells in our body

People who make long mobile phone calls sometimes complain of fatigue, headaches, and loss of concentration The same results have never been reported in laboratory conditions and may be due to other factors in modern lifestyles

Mobile phone users are 2.5 times more likely to develop cancer in areas of the brain adjacent to...
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