Should cell phones be allowed at middle school???

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Should students be allowed to bring cell phones to middle school, what do you think. Students should be allowed to bring cell phones to school for contacting parents/guardians, safety reasons, and in case of emergencies. Are cell phones a necessary or a nuisance.

To begin with, cell phones are used to keep connected and to distribute information. Information that your parent/guardian may need to know. If there was a schedule change or something concerning happened at school that your parent/guardian should know, you’ll be able to tell them fairly quickly. It’s important to keep them informed and to remain persevered with information. With no doubt, cell phones should most definitely be allowed in school to keep parent/guardians updated.

Next, safety precautions are a big deal. They help advise people on what to do if needed. Cell phones help with those precautions. They can help with contacting special services. Imagine a student were at school and he or she ran into something or fell down and got seriously injured.Cell phones can help parents placate these worries.

Also, students also need cell phones just in case of an emergency. If there was a tornado or earthquake, how would the parent/guardian know if the student was alright. Also, if there was an intruder, the student could call 911 to alert the authorities. It’s no doubt the school systems are taking precautions about these unexpected events but just to be safe, we should allow cell phones in school. It’s very important that we redact these rules.

Now cellphones are very useful however, they do have some problems. One of these problems would be texting during classes. It can distract students from focusing on the teacher and learning important information. Another thing is cheating. Students can be texting each other students the answers. These problems can cause disruption and misinformation to the other students. These problems can be very harmful.

Students should be allowed to...
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