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Topics: Sovereignty, International relations, Nation state Pages: 4 (1198 words) Published: May 4, 2013
Kebe Bassirou
Myriam El Gourari
Abdellatif Lazrak

Chapter 5- The State

The state is a functional unit that takes on a number of important responsibilities, centralizing and unifying them. There are numerous competing conceptualizations of the state. The state level of analysis comes as criticism of structural theories and looks at the nature of the state and the impact it has on the way it behaves internationally. It analyzes cultural influences, the state's geographical location and its historical legacy to explain how it acts internationally. It argues that states would not act in the same way in different situations. There are different views of the state: -The Realist view of the state

The state is:
-An autonomous actor
-Constrained only by the anarchy of the international system -Sovereign
-Guided by a national interest that is defined in terms of power -The Liberal view of the state
The state is:
-A process, involving contending interests
-A reflection of both governmental and societal interests
-The repository of multiple and changing national interests
-The possessor of fungible sources of power
-The Constructivist view of the state
The state is:
* A socially constructed entity
* The repository of national interests that change over time * Shaped by international norms that change preferences
* Influenced by changing national interests that shape and reshape identities * Socialized by IGOs and NGOs

Challenges to the state
The state, despite its centrality, is facing challenges from the processes of globalization, religiously and ideologically based transnational movements and ethno national movements.

Forces| Effects of the State|
Globalization-political, economic, cultural| Undermines state sovereignty; interferes with state exercise of power| Transnational Crime| State is unable to curb due to expansion of communication networks| Transnational...
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