Mkx9550 Past Exam

Topics: Marketing, Marketing plan, Pricing Pages: 11 (3074 words) Published: June 18, 2013
a) Kotler, Keller and Burton discuss the advantages and disadvantages of globalization. List and describe these, using examples to illustrate your answer. (10 marks) b) Once a company decides on a particular country, it must determine the best mode of entry. List five modes of entry discussing one (1) mode of entry in detail (10 marks)

1. Economies of scale in production and distribution
2. Lower marketing costs
3. Power and scope
4. Consistency in brand image
5. Ability to leverage good ideas quickly and efficiently 6. Uniformity of marketing practices
Differences in consumer needs, wants and usages patterns for products Differences in consumer response to marketing mix elements
Differences in brand and product developed and the competitive environment Differences in the legal environment
Differences in marketing institutions
Differences in administrative procedures

a) using your group assignment as an example, explain how an analysis of environment factors allowed you to access opportunities and threats b) Discuss the factors which influenced your decision on which opportunity or opportunities you took advantage of.

a) Marketing managers often commission formal marketing studies of specific problems and opportunities. b) List and explain the steps in the marketing research process c) When considering entering a foreign market. Discuss when and how you would use primary and secondary research.

a) Marketing scholars have developed a stage model of buying decision process. Identify and discuss the five stages consumers pass through using a specific example. b) Perception is the process by which an individual selects, organizes and interprets information input to create a meaningful picture of the world. For a marketer what is the key point of perception? Discuss. 5 stages of buying decision process

1. Problem recognition: the buying process starts when the buyer recognizes a problem or need triggered by internal. With an internal stimulus, one of the person’s normal needs- hunger, thirst, sex –rises to a threshold level and becomes a drive, or a need can be aroused by an external stimulus. A person may admire a neighbour’s new car or see a television commercial for a holiday in Thailand, which triggers thoughts about the possibility of marking a purchase. 2. Information search: we can distinguish between two levels of involvement with search. The milder search state is called heightened attention. At this level a person simply becomes more receptive to information about a product. At the next level, the person may enter an active information search looking for reading material, phoning friends, going online and visiting stores to learn about the product. 3. Evaluation of alternatives: How do consumers process competitive brad information and make final value judgements? No single process is used by all consumers or by one consumer in all buying situations. There are several processes, and the most current models see consumers forming judgements largely on a conscious and rational basis. First: trying to satisfy a need. Second: looking for certain benefits from the product solution. Third the consumer sees each product as a bundle of attributes with varying abilities for delivering the benefits sought to satisfy this need.. the attributes of interest to buyers vary by product. 4. Purchase decision: the consumer may also form an intention to buy the most preferred brand. In executing a purchase intention, the consumer may make up to five sub-decisions: brand, dealer, quantity, timing and payment method. 5. Post-purchase behavior: after the purchase, the consumer might experience dissonance不一致 that stems源于 from noticing certain disquieting features or hearing favourable things about other brands, and will be alert to information that supports his or her decision. Marketing communications should supply beliefs and evaluations that...
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