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1. Advertising is often used heavily to promote a product at which level of brand loyalty?
a. Brand recognition
b. Brand preference
c. Brand insistence
d. Brand equity

2. Generic products are characterized by ________.
a. plain labels, little or no advertising, and no brand names
b. having a brand name owned by a manufacturer or other producer
c. being national brands sold exclusively by a single retail chain
d. possessing a brand name owned by a wholesaler or retailer

3. Brand recognition as a stage of brand loyalty occurs when the ________.
a. product becomes familiar to the consumer
b. product is inexpensive
c. consumer sees or recognizes the product and chooses it over its competition
d. product is first introduced or test marketed

4. Lipton markets tea, herbal tea, and iced tea under the Lipton name. This strategy is called ________ branding.
a. family
b. extension
c. individual product
d. private label

5. If a firm elects to use family branding, its products should be ________.
a. similar in quality, or the firm risks harming its overall product image
b. sufficiently different so as not to compete directly with each other
c. sold in different geographic markets so customers do not realize the relationship
d. sold only to a single large retail chain to protect the manufacturer’s reputation

6. Advertising ________ define the task that advertising must accomplish with a specific target audience during a specific period of time.
A) objectives
B) budgets
C) strategies
D) campaigns
E) evaluations

7. When the advertising objective is to build primary demand for a new product category, ________ advertising will most likely be used.
A) persuasive
B) informative
C) comparative
D) patronage
E) institutional


1. Identify and describe the consumer adoption process and its stages. How useful is the consumer adoption process in marketing? Discuss the issues and challenges during

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