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Aveeno’s Marketing

MKT 3000 – DTRA
Chrystie Almestica
Jazmin De La Rosa
Vivian Lau
Trisha Stumpp
Jessica Tom
I. Introduction and Problem Statement
Aveeno manufacturers skin and hair care products and is a subsidiary of the pharmaceutical and consumer goods conglomerate, Johnson & Johnson. The brand prides itself on using natural, high-quality ingredients in their products to help consumers attain the best skin and hair. American brothers, Albert and Sidney Musher, founded Aveeno in 1945 when their experiments on raw cereal lead to the discovery of an oatmeal bath that effectively treated the skin condition eczema. The brothers later used the Latin word for oat, Avena sativa, when deciding a name for their product. Their most recent products are known to treat poison ivy and oak, chickenpox, hives, sunburn, and other skin and hair conditions. Since the brand’s inception in 1945, Aveeno has grown to manufacture special hair and skin care products for mainly women and babies, though there is a small niche of men customers. Aveeno’s current marketing strategy emphasizes the brand’s dedication to its natural and scientific origins. The company adopted the tagline “Active Naturals” in its marketing campaigns and fully lists out the main ingredients the company uses such as oats, soy, wheat, and seaweed on its website. Given the company’s devotion to its use of natural products, Aveeno prides itself on its responsibility to caring for the Earth’s natural resources and giving back to the community. The brand’s marketing directly appeals to women and conscious customers who make an effort to know the products and brands they are using. Aveeno’s website is heavily saturated with the company’s celebrity endorsements such as Jennifer Aniston. The company currently uses a mix of television ads, social media, celebrity endorsements, and online advertising to gain and reach customers.

The company is having a hard time gaining overall sales because they are competing in a heavily saturated market of beauty and cosmetic products and its competitors also offers similar products at similar prices. Aveeno has a hard time differentiating itself from its competitors that also sell products made from all-natural ingredients and are celebrity endorsed. As well, Aveeno competes in a market that is heavily driven by brand and customer loyalty, meaning that when one customer finds a brand he or she likes, he or she often sticks with it. Customers have a hard time finding value in Aveeno’s prices, especially when the company has faced allegations over its use of organic and natural ingredients. As well, though Aveeno does have a steady male customer base, the company’s current marketing strategy ostracizes its male customers. Despite Aveeno’s trouble with its market targets and pricing, it still has strong brand recognition, since customers are more likely to continue purchasing and using a product if it seems to be working on them. Aveeno uses this along with celebrity endorsement and other means of advertising and marketing to continuously attract a steady flow of customers. II. SWOT Analysis

Aveeno’s mission statement, according to its website is: “to help inspire you to discover natural beauty and well-being (Aveeno 2014)”. Aveeno’s Moisturizing Lotion has widespread recognition among pharmacies and the media, helped by its celebrity endorsement, Jennifer Aniston. In numerous TV sports and video broadcasts, Aninston is shown going through her daily routine and ultimately culminating in her picking Aveeno over other competitor brands. This brings some sort of relatable quality to brand from the customer. The results have been very favorable. Reports have shown that since 2013 their sales have increased worldwide (Johnson & Johnson Annual Report 2014). Having a very familiar face broadcast your product is very beneficial. Jennifer Aniston has been known for her healthy approach to life and her...

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