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Miss Julie

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Intro to Theater
Script Essay on Miss Julie
Miss Julie is a well written play by August Strindberg. This play is mainly about two characters one who is obviously Miss Julie and the other Jean. Miss Julie is a twenty-five-year-old tragic heroine. The other major character Jean is a thirty-year old valet who is chosen as Miss Julie’s lover. There are other characters such as Christine and Serena who are relatively minor characters. The setting for this play takes place in a kitchen of the Count’s manor house on a Midsummer’s Eve.
In the beginning of the play it starts off with Julie dancing in the kitchen. Christine goes on to say that the reason she is rambunctious is because she is realizing that her engagement is broken. With this rambunctious behavior Julie begins to flirt with jean. Although Jean does not love Julie he still plays along with Julie, saying kind words to Julie that were not from his heart. Later on that night Jean and Julie sleep together. Then just like that after they have slept together Jean pretends like nothing ever happened and tells Julie he doesn’t love her. Enraged by this act of cruelty Julie confesses that she hates men. Later when the gossip is out Julie is ashamed of herself and is terrified of the consequences of the count. Julie then has no one else to run to for help except Jean, so she asks him what she should do and that she would do any thing for him to get her out of this mess. Terrified of the count Julie tells Jean to pretend he is the count and to hypnotize her. Jean does this but when he hypnotizes her he commands Julie to her death.
Miss Julie the play has a straight forward message to the audience. The message is to all women saying to them to not give in very easily into a mens words. For example I have an uncle who always would tell me to always tell beautiful things to girls even if you don’t mean it because they fall for that. I personally never liked doing such acts, but for a lot of men out there this is a common strategy. Women should never give into a man very easily because that just tells the man that they have no respect for themselves.
The play Miss Julie reminded me of my cousin and her boyfriend Ben. I pictured Jean in the play as Ben and Julie as my cousin, because even though Ben is dating my cousin it is obvious he does not love her. Just like Jean only pretended he loved Julie. Finally when my cousin realized he did not love her she also like Julie became enraged and gained hatred towards men. To this day my cousin would care less if she is single or not.
Today in society I would say the problem with a lot young unwed girls getting pregnant in this day in age is due to the fact that they are not respecting themselves. This example reminds me of Julie how she did not respect herself in the play. Julie gave her heart to jean and jean shattered it in to pieces by just using Julie and then acting like nothing ever happened. One concrete statistic to prove that teenage pregnancy is getting out of control is from the Center of Disease: they say that one third of girls get pregnant before they are twenty (Teen Pregnancy).
Miss Julie was a great play. It was though out very well by August Strindberg. One note to add about the play is that it had a lot of good messages to give to the audience. The Characters in this play were very easy to get into. Overall Miss Julie had a lot of positives to it and should be a play everyone should go to.
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