An Ideal Husband Analysis

Topics: Woman, Gender, Gender role Pages: 5 (1002 words) Published: June 14, 2015

The Double Standards in An Ideal Husband

Double standards are clearly represented in the novel by Oscar Wilde, An Ideal Husband, that talks about the position of women in the society. In this play, women are attributed to several things, for instance, an idea that women stand for the irrational, women have a wonderful natural feeling concerning a number of things. They are able to discover everything except the most obvious things in society. In addition to these, the play as well indicates that the life of a man is more important and valuable as compared to a woman’s life. Wilde’s An Ideal Husband highlights the role of women in society in the 19th century in England.
This paper involves various parts; the first part has...

Conversations between characters in the play are the best indicators of the exact position that women hold in the community. Several issues of interest for instance how men and women feel about each other is clearly seen from the dialogue. Apart from quotes that are found in this play, other sources have been used to explain the same theme of women’s position in the society. The play is a clear indication of what happens in the real life settings. For example in 1890s in England, women did not hold same social status like men. Women were seen as inferior in the society. The life of men was valued more than women’s life. To support these inequalities between men and women, this paper has used examples of issues like lack of equal voting rights where women did not have a right to vote. Oscar Wilde focused on such issues to come up with his play. In the recent years, the position that women hold in society in England has risen. Women are currently allowed to do some things that they were not allowed to do in the past years. Currently, men and women are treated equally concerning different matters affecting their normal...

Different characters in the play have taken different roles that bring out a clear picture of the position of women, for example, the conversation between Sir. Robert and Mrs. Cheveley when the former asks the latter if science can come to grips with the problems of women; this sets the implication that women are very much complex. Despite the fact that the majority of male characters have problems with women, most women as well have issues with men. A number of them have disagreements with their husbands, and they suggest that men need education although they are not sure of the men’s capacity to...
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