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Topics: Customer relationship management, Project management, Management information system Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: June 4, 2013
BCS Level 6 Professional Graduate Diploma in IT
Wednesday 27th March 2013 - Afternoon
Answer any THREE questions out of FIVE. All questions carry equal marks. Time: THREE hours
Answer any Section A questions you attempt in Answer Book A
Answer any Section B questions you attempt in Answer Book B
The marks given in brackets are indicative of the weight given to each part of the question. Calculators are NOT allowed in this examination.
Section A
Answer Section A questions in Answer Book A
A1. You have been employed as a contractor to advise a company that has a long history of project failures. You soon realise that the main reason for the failures was that the company did not use a formal project management methodology. Prepare a report for the Directors in which you: a) Describe the stages of a formal project management methodology, such as PRINCE2. (15 marks)

b) Suggest actions that could help an MIS project succeed.
(10 marks)
A2. “Our digital networks will be the backbone of our economy in the decades ahead, just as roads and rails were the backbone of our physical infrastructure, and still are. And we know that every aspect of our lives in local communities, every school, every hospital, every workplace and even every home will be dependent on the services that the digital network provides.” (Gordon Brown, former British Prime Minister, January 2009)

In the context of the future provision of MIS, discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with this statement. (25 marks)
A3. You are a consultant who has been engaged to advise an organisation on the development of an MIS strategy. Prepare a report for the Board to include the following: a) A description of the internal and external issues that should be considered before developing an MIS strategy. (12 marks)

b) A discussion of the effectiveness of Porter’s Competitive Forces Model and...
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